A hard troll game, teaching you how to be a Nice Guy.
Your goal is very simple: Reach the flag to complete the level.
(Still in development)


  • Left arrow/Right arrow -> Move
  • Up arrow/Touch A button on screen -> Jump
  • Down arrow/Touch B button on screen -> Specific actions


  • 7 stages
  • Archievements
  • Original art
  • Hard Game
  • Bad Jokes


  • Cool loading menu
  • Better Jokes

If anything that I've used in this game belongs to you and aren't listed in-game credits, just tell me so I can put your name there.

Development log


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does anyone know where to get the key for the water level


i want to die

help me

this is such a stupid game but i cant stop playing

U dont need a key lol

There's a secret way on the upper right corner 

I can’t manage to finish the 2nd level, it keeps telling me that the song is not over. What should I do ?

Or you wait until the end of the music and die for that and then win the level or you just win without any death lol

How do you do level 2

Como realmente se passa o 3 mundo?

Vc tem que esperar a musica acabar antes de ganhar ou entao vc só joga a fase toda sem morrer xDD


Can't get the falling brick lmao. It's very fun gun though. I liek it a lot.

Ta faltando um... "Achou que ia conseguir? Achou errado, otário!". :)


How do you do the first level???


I can’t manage to finish the 3rd level, it keeps telling me that the song is not over. What should I do ?


Try to finish the level without any death or you'll will need to wait the music to end to be able to clear the level

I know that sucks but I was very angry when I made this level \_("/)_/


Thks, i guess Hahahahaha

I can’t beat the first puzzle.

Just touch the brick that falls and push it away

Pls moisesmp can you put here the joy stick commands that u used and the joystick photos like the png file

These things are different depending which engine you are using...
If you're planning to learn about construct 2, there's a lot of youtube tutorials that can teach you how to do that...

Send me a email to moisesmarchinipereira@gmail.com
There I can send you some tutorials that I've used.
Sorry for any grammatical error, my english is not very good..

me too im portuguese so im not good!

can you share the line

Sorry, I think I didn't get what you mean..are u asking for the solution?

Can u share game files?, pls

(1 edit)

Some tiles and enemies used -

Tiles that I edited for use on level 2, 4 and 7  -

Songs -


The principal characters, menus, backgrounds, code and etc was made by me and, I'm sorry but, I don't want to share it. At least for now.
There's a lot of tutorials online that you can learn about pixel art and script, if you want.

Thks for comment and sry for any gramatical error.

how can u made it for mobile wich commands do you used?

This game should try yourself on Steam and iOS :) 

I don't see a reason to post on Steam, but I'm working on to export the game to iOS when it's finished.

Thks for comment!